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Take Control of Alcohol with Positive Affirmations: A Free Guide

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This FREE guidebook will help you to create and implement your own positive affirmation rituals, helping to subtly reprogram your subconscious mind with empowering thoughts, and supporting beliefs, and enhancing your efforts to quit alcohol, and live a sober, healthy life.

  • Create your own Empowering Affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind to quit alcohol for good
  • Change your future by changing your habitual thought patterns day-by-day, moment-by-moment
  • 21-page detailed blueprint with step-by-step instructions you can implement immediately
  • Develop a non-drinking mindset that supports you in all social situations
  • Program your subconscious to accept that your past does not have to equal your future!

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Introducing: The “Take Control of Alcohol” mp3 Audio Series

A One-Time Opportunity to Grab the Accompanying MP3 Audio Program to Support This Guide, Available Only on This Page FOR JUST

The entire program is delivered in digital format in a single Zip file. Audio files are in mp3 format, and the guidebook is a PDF file.

This brand new and groundbreaking product provides the perfect partner resource to the Positive Affirmations Guide detailed above.

Containing 3 powerful audio tracks, this program helps to subconsciously reinforce the messages contained within written affirmations.

It not only helps you to reach your goals quicker, but it also gives you a more effective path... a more predictable path to achieving your outcome of gaining control over alcohol and managing destructive impulses to constantly drink.

By creating an environment where the positive messages bypass your conscious mind,  your subconscious mind becomes much more receptive to the true meaning contained within the affirmations.

The inspiring background tracks engage the creative "right-brain" which adds much more emotional depth and meaning to the spoken words, and helps to create “emotional memories”which become associated with the Positive Affirmations you are listening to.

Here's a quick look at what’s included this One-Time Special Offer:

Take Control of Alcohol with Positive Affirmations - Track 1

This track is around 5 minutes in length, with the emphasis mainly on an upbeat, inspiring music track overlaid with 9 new and original positive affirmations recorded at an audible level. You will hear the affirmations as though they were vocal tracks over the music.

Use it every day for at least 21 days to program your mind with the changes you want to make.

Listen to a sample here:

Take Control of Alcohol with Positive Affirmations - Track 2

Another relatively short track around 4 minutes in length, this upbeat, blues and rock inspired piece is overlaid with 8 different repeated positive affirmations recorded above the music at an audible level.

Once again, use this track every day for at least 21 days to programme your mind with the changes you want to make.

Listen to a sample here:

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction with Self-Hypnosis

This is a 27 ½ minute spoken word and instrumental track containing an initial hypnotic induction designed to relax your mind and body.

This is followed by a series of 17 powerful, positive affirmations which will imprint new, empowering thoughts and beliefs into your subconscious mind regarding your relationship with alcohol.

Overlaid throughout this track is a gentle and relaxing instrumental music piece to further relax you and quieten the ‘chatter’ from your conscious mind.

Listen to samples of the Hypnotic Induction and Affirmation sections here:

A 14 Page Guide Book


A guide to using Affirmations and Self-Hypnosis for success: the easiest way to create and alcohol free mind set. This guide has been put together to help you get the most from these audios, both in terms of how they are best used, and at what times, as well as considering the most conducive mind set and most suitable environment for optimal listening.

What You Can Expect From This Powerful System...

  • 17 focused “Quit Drinking” affirmations to guide and assist you in your journey towards permanent sobriety and long lasting fulfilment and contentment in your life
  • A daily routine to deliberately and systematically change your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about drinking
  • A path to truly become a “non-drinker” on every level of your body and mind
  • A systematic way to reprogram your subconscious mind to produce automatic thought patterns which replace the old drinking thoughts
  • Press the reset button on your mental attitude and realign your thoughts to what you want as opposed to what you don’t
  • Master your feelings and emotions, and gain complete control over any thoughts you may have related to alcohol

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

The “Take Control of Alcohol” mp3 Audio Series is the fastest and easiest way to create permanent positive change in your subconscious thinking.

This powerful affirmation and self-hypnosis audio program can help promote your natural ability to adapt and change.

Take Control with this program, through the use of repeated positive affirmations and relaxed, focused, goal-oriented self-hypnosis to systematically realign your mind set to living a sober, alcohol free life, whilst at the same time feeling positive, empowered and happy in doing so.

If you genuinely have a burning desire to take control of alcohol and you focus your attention on this with energy and emotion, then you will naturally become more highly attuned to the decisions you make every day which have an impact on whether or not you chose to drink.

You will be drawn to make choices which are in harmony with your dominant thoughts, rather than merely satisfying the self-fulfilling prophesy of thoughts such as, “I will always be a drinker”, or “I can never quit alcohol.”

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Further Resources

Alcohol Addiction: Escaping the Alcohol Trap

If you have arrived on this page and you don't yet have a copy of this book, you can grab your copy right now on Amazon Kindle using the link below.

What you can expect from this book:

This book has been structured to provide unique sections detailing every step of the process of quitting drinking.

From the point at which you are still drinking to excess, to the planning and preparation stages as you withdraw from alcohol, to the elements of support and assistance you may consider along the way, and so on. These steps continue beyond the early days of sobriety through to the stages of lasting recovery and relapse prevention planning.

Wherever you are in the process of recovery, this book is designed to allow you to dip in where you need to and choose whichever resources you need to create your own pick and mix solution, as you see fit.

If you’re really serious about making a step change in your attitude towards alcohol once and for all, then take action now!

Here’s a preview of what you'll learn when you download “Escaping the Alcohol Trap” today:

  • How to confront and overcome your psychological addiction to alcohol
  • Understanding “learned helplessness” and how it keeps you trapped
  • How to identify the lies inherent in your “drinking thinking”
  • How to fire up and maintain your motivation to quit alcohol for good
  • Understand how quitting alcohol is a process and not an event
  • What to expect from the 3 main phases of the recovery process
  • How to detox from alcohol safely
  • Preparing for life beyond the alcohol trap

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle

So go ahead and grab your copy now!

This is a great book that gives you exactly what to expect when giving up! The journey through the system can be painful if you choose to go it alone this will help!

Amazon Customer Review

A practical self help guide to giving up alcohol. It cannot do the hard work for you, but provides a sensible and straightforward roadmap to help guide you in your journey to a life without the booze. Well written and accessible with an occasional welcome touch of humour.

Amazon Customer Review

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